Disabilities Pack (Primary Key Stages 1 & 2)

Disabilities Pack (Primary Key Stages 1 & 2)

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Ref: D020

Affirmative portrayals of children of all abilities getting on with their busy, fun-filled lives. Includes many titles which, rather than being 'about' disability, instead present disabled children 'casually', as a natural part of the landscape.

13 Books

Best Friend on Wheels (1201)
Hudson Hates School (1117B)
Moonbird (9032B)
Keep Your Ear On The Ball (9516B)
The Pirate of Kindergarten (0099)
We All Read (0135)
We All Move (1089)
The Art of Miss Chew (0145)
Ferris Fleet the Wheelchair Wizard (8518)
How to Save a Dragon (0037)
A Little Bit of Mischief (1245)
I Am Not Joey Pigza (0146)
What Would Joey Do? (1250)

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