Early Years 'School Readiness' Book Pack (Ages 3-7) Ref: SRBP

The School Readiness Book Pack has been specially collated by Letterbox Library for Early Years staff to support you in:

o language and reading skills and phonological awareness through rhymes, strong rhythms, repetitions and common words
o reasoning and concept development through, for e.g., counting, the weather, sameness/difference, people around the world
o social skills such as making friends and cooperation, respecting rights, personal hygiene, different feelings, adjusting to new situations (e.g. starting school, moving house)

A range of information and story picture books and boardbooks which will prompt children to consider: does a rainy day make me feel sad?; what chores need doing today?; who decides who can play in the cardboard house...and who can't; what kicking is allowed?; how are we all different/the same?; how many piggies are there?; which peg will I get at school?; what are the consequences of a push...?!

The Cloud (1094)
This is Our House (5968)
First Time: School (0109)
Clean It (9913)
We Are All Different (1091)
Lively Elizabeth (0021)
Feet Are Not For Kicking (0023)
Germs Are Not For Sharing (9851)
Tails Are Not For Pulling (1113)
Leave Me Alone (0048B)
The Red Boat (2416)
Moving Day (2444)
Lulu Reads to Zeki (0090)
Zoe and Beans: How Many Pets? (2429)
Snow (2466)
Wind (2467)
Rain (2465)
Sometimes I Feel Sunny (0098)
Sometimes I'm A Monster (0238)
Global Babies (9148)

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