Early Years Feelings Book Pack (Early Years Ages Birth-5)

Early Years Feelings Book Pack (Early Years Ages Birth-5)

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Ref: FEEL04

A superb collection of books designed to help children manage their feelings and develop a positive sense of themselves. Includes both stories and resource books; explores everything from feeling crotchety to super-sunny!

14 books

Anna Hibiscus' Song (0094)
The Cloud (1094)
Dealing with Feelings: Angry (2489)
Dealing with Feelings: Happy (2473)
Dealing with Feelings: Jealous (2474)
Dealing with Feelings: Proud (2475)
Dealing with Feelings: Worried (2472)
Everybody Feels Sad (9345)
Everybody Feels Scared (9346)
How Are You Feeling Today? (2569)
My Best Friend (0240)
The Red Boat (2416)
Rabbityness (0097)
Sometimes I Feel Sunny (0098)

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