Understanding the World Pack Pack (Early Years Ages Birth-5)

Understanding the World Pack Pack (Early Years Ages Birth-5)

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Ref: WORLD03

Opens a window onto our local and global world! A vibrant collection of photographic and illustrated books designed to help children explore, ask questions about and make sense of the physical world around them, their local neighbourhood and their wider community.

28 books

All the World (2425)
Alphabet Fun (2564)
Busy Builders (2560)
Busy Bookshop (2561)
Celebration Food (0055)
Engines, Engines: An Indian Counting Rhyme (9831)
Fast and Slow (2431)
Flashlight (2562)
First Time: Big Day Out (2428)
Global Babies (9148)
Christmas (0033)
Divali (0116)
Hanukkah (0034)
Ramadan & Id-ul-Fitr (0117)
How to Find a Fruit Bat (2430)
How We Get Around (1330)
I Love Our Earth (9919)
I Know A Lot! (2563)
Just Imagine (0127b)
Number Fun (2565)
Our Global Community: Games (0120)
Our Global Community: Schools (0121)
Say What You See: Eat (2566)
What I Like: My Food (0123B)
What I Like: Where I Live (2523)
What is a Community? (1243)
What We Wear (0077)
While Mummy Hen Was Away (2427)

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