Gender Equality Pack (Primary Key Stage 1)

Gender Equality Pack (Primary Key Stage 1)

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Ref: GENKS104

A joyful bookshelf of stories which shows that both girls and boys can be equally resourceful, independent, caring and sensitive. Encourages children to feel free with their games, role play - and with their ambitions. These books provide ample opportunity to help:

*combat the negative attitudes which give rise to sexist -and homophobic- bullying
*promote an inclusive educational environment and so raise standards.

7 books

The Big Brother (1343)
Dogs Don't Do Ballet (2497)
The Flying Diggers (1344)
Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores (0166)
Made by Raffi (0253B)
Not All Princesses Dress In Pink (1092)
The Princess and the Pony (2553)

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