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Little Rebels

Little Rebels Books

Little Rebels Books


Where can I see all of the Little Rebels Winners and Runners-Up?

Right here: Little Rebels Award Shortlisted Books
We now have a dedicated page for all of the books shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award since its inception. And during Little Rebels season, April to June, you'll often find nice little discounts on these titles...!

What is the Little Rebels Award for Radical Fiction?

The Little Rebels Children's Book Award is a relatively new award for radical fiction for children aged 0-12. The first ever Little Rebels Award was made in 2013. The award is given by the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) and is run/administered by Letterbox Library.

What do you mean by 'radical' fiction?

The Little Rebels Award is designed to recognise a rich tradition of radical publishing for children in the UK. 'Radical' is defined widely to include books informed by inclusive/anti-discriminatory concerns or those which promote social equality or social justice- for a full definition and for submission guidelines, see the wordpress site (below).

How can I stay up to date?

You can find out all the latest Little Rebels news through the dedicated wordpress site here:
(do sign up for updates!) You can also hear updates through Letterbox Library's twitter feeds @LetterboxLib, often under the hashtag #littlerebels.

Where can I see all of the Little Rebels Winners and Runners-Ups?

Right here: Little Rebels Award Shortlisted Books

March 2016