12 Days of Christmas or Grandma is Overly Generous

by Alex T Smith

Ref: 16519

Eloise's Grandma's Christmas gifting starts, simply enough, with a partridge in a pear tree, carefully wrapped- and with a fancy postage mark from the Garden of England. But as the gifts amass to ten racing rhinos from the Okavango grasslands (not to mention the eleven parping penguins), Eloise is surrounded by utter chaos. Will it ever end? Smith's ever-brilliant illustrations are inspired here by Edwardian fashions as a tribute to the period in which the carol originated. Threading these together are wonderfully detailed postmarks and a cumulative text. All shot through with the spirit of the most generous of Grandmas. 'What a wonderful book. Fun to check the postmarks to see if we could guess what was coming next...So nice to see a written letter of thanks' (Rosalind, Nursery Operations Manager, Letterbox Library reviewer) Age 5-8,
Hardback 53pp