928 Miles From Home

by Kim Slater

Ref: 15310

Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2018

A deft urban thriller set on a Nottingham estate and starring Callum, an aspiring scriptwriter from a single parent (Dad) family, who doubts that a boy from his background ever gets a break. When a series of local thefts occur at the same time that Callum's Dad 'moves in' his Polish girlfriend and her son, Callum turns investigator.... but his own prejudices soon start to falter and, just as quickly, old kinships are broken and new friendships formed. A gripping and soulful story of self-discovery which packs in plenty of thoughtful content and has more than a touch of Ken Loach's Kes (1969) about it. Beautifully drawn, credible, characters include Sergei, a Polish boy who is wonderfully self-empowered and challenges anti-immigrant prejudice head-on; Amelia, a politically aware Black girl, who lives an 'unconventional' life on a narrow boat; self-hating Linford, a victim of domestic violence and a perpetrator of violence himself ...until he is a witness to injustice writ large. These young voices really ring true. Age 10-15, Paperback 318pp