A Beginner's Guide to Bearspotting

by Michelle Robinson
illustrated by David Roberts

Ref: 2729

Balaclava. Check. Tin cup., Check. Woollen mitts. Check. Field notebook. Check. And now for your guide...An intrepid bear discoverer is guided through the behaviour and tendencies of the black bear, a.k.a Ursus Americanus, and the brown bear, a.k.a Ursus Horiblis. Includes advice on playing dead. A chatty voiceover with a text which expands and shrinks and skews and bellows with exclamations. Roberts' beautiful, trademark design-led illustrations- big grizzlies are carefully etched out on graph paper and an autumn palette of browns and oranges is suddenly splattered with the fuchsia pink of exploding bubble gum!. 'This book is so so so good. Every aspect has been well thought out. The plot is so developed and funny and simple yet complicated. Love the illustrations' (Sonia, Deputy Primary Head, LL reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 29pp