by Sade Fadipe
illustrated by Shedrach Ayalomeh

Ref: 15044

A unique alphabet of familiar words set in contemporary Nigeria and in an attractive, large, picture book format. Built around a young child's (Adanah's) trip, from the town to the countryside, to spend time with her Grandpa in Modakeke, Southern Nigeria. A jump-along, rhyming text and illustrations stacked with details- spot the basket of leaping snails, the ice cubes in the tumblers, Adanah's pendant in the shape of the African continent. 'Lovely illustrations with lots to search out on every page. A different way to familiarise children with the alphabet. Lots to identify with and to discuss' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, LL reviewer). 'A genuinely interesting and absorbing slice of life in modern Nigeria. Love it' (Fen, LL Staff). Sometimes, you can really tell when a story set in an African country has been done by an African publisher, as opposed to a European or N. American one- and this is a very, very fine example. Age 3-6, Paperback 27pp



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