A Great Big Cuddle

by Michael Rosen
illustrated by Chris Riddell

Ref: 14606

"Nippy-nappy / Nippy-nappy / Nap, nap, nap...Ippy-uppy / Ippy-uppy / Up, up, up". With such a dream team, the current and a former Children's Laureate, this was always going to be a bit of a treasure. A big bold collection of what Rosen and Riddell do best- rhymes which drum, drip and tiptoe; rhythms which lull, bounce and startle; words which rush out to tumble and play; accompanied by illustrations which fill and trip over the pages with their sweeps and strokes. A collection which deserves all those set-to-be-a-classic predictions. We could say lots about its suitability for extending vocabulary, early explorations of rhymes, patterned phrases but, for now, we just want to tell you about the lickingly lovely glorious FUN of it: "Bendy Man, Bendy Man / He's a long leggy man. / Bendy Man, Bendy Man / In a baked-bean can." "I went to Lapland / I saw a reindeer on the loose / I went to Canada / I saw a chocolate mousse." (cue Riddell's standing upright, chocolate-munching, golden, smug moose...). Joint winner (with Crossan's One) of the . Age 3-7, Paperback 73pp