A Kind of Spark

by Elle McNicoll

Ref: 16214

2021 Blue Peter Book Awards Shortlist; 2020 Blackwells Children's Books of the Year; 2021 Brandford Boase Award Longlist; 2021 Carnegie Nominee
"My Grandpa always said, people like me in the past might not have been the most sociable. Or the chattiest. But while everyone else was around the fireplace gossiping, we were out finding electricity. That's what my autism is. It's a kind of spark." Barely in need of an introduction after taking multiple social media platforms by storm! A smart debut (by a neurodivergent author), A Kind of Spark tells the story of Addie, the unique world she shares with sister Keedie and the bold and affirmative place she take up in the neurotypical wider world, making her mark as she takes on the bullies in her midst (her peers, but also her teacher) and restores the lost voices of the women tortured and killed during the Scottish witch trials. A brilliant challenge to assumptions about autism and a joyful coming-of-age narrative which delivers a young activist for our times. Age 9-13, Paperback 186pp