A Planet Full of Plastic (And How You Can Help)

by Neal Layton

Ref: 16178

The purpose of plastic, its original discovery, its revolution in manufacturing, its overuse and, now, its appearance...everywhere with all the environmental dangers it threatens. In Neal Layton's hands, the catastrophe of excess plastic becomes lucid, and the possible solutions to the problem become accessible. With a chatty text, detailed pictures, labels and diagrams, mixed fonts, glossary and mini bios of young climate activists, this is non-fiction at its most energetic and galvanising! 'Written in a non judgemental way, this book is helpful in saying what the problem is and how everyone can help to solve it whilst giving space for the reader to come up with solutions' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). 'It's one of the best books I've seen on this subject' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, LL reviewer). Age 4-8,
Paperback 30pp