A Werewolf Named Oliver James

by Nicholas John Frith

Ref: 15436

A quiet suburb. Bathed in the purple glow of dusk. Oliver is making his own way home as he does every night after band practice. But then, the oddest thing happens. One moment he is at the bus stop with his peers. The next, he is there on his own. The arriving bus refuses to stop for him. A passer by yelps. Unbeknown to him, Oliver has turned into a fluffy, long-snouted, multi-fanged, fast-moving, super-high-leaping werewolf! A very funny and delightful shape-shifting caper with a retro 1950/60s setting. Winner of the 2016 Klaus Flugge Prize for the most exciting and promising newcomer to children's picture book illustration. (Black protagonist). Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp