Across the Divide

by Anne Booth

Ref: 15695

Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2019

Olivia's school wants to open a new Army cadet unit. Mum is a lifelong activist and campaigner for pacifism. Grandad is ex-army. Olivia is caught in a whirlwind of competing ideologies at home, at school and within the wider community. Sent to spend time with her Dad who lives on Lindisfarne, those conflicts seems blissfully far way...and then she befriends a young, strangely other-worldly boy who speaks of war. A novel rich with Booth's trademark, social justice 'sweep' in which she encompasses a great range of thought-provoking issues and places a young person at the centre who then courageously strives to carve out an independent voice. "A nuanced exploration of the legacy and impact of warfare" (Little Rebels Award website). Age 9-12, Paperback 302pp