Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl?

by Fox Fisher and Sarah Savage
illustrated by Fox Fisher

Ref: 15237

A delightfully child-friendly introduction to a young transgender identity through the smiley, upbeat character of Tiny. Tiny has a special bed that looks like a castle, likes going out dressed up as a butterfly, enjoys playing football and, like any sensible child, loves cakes! At Tiny's new school, some of the children ask, "Are you a boy or a girl?" to which the teacher and Tiny cheerfully reply, "Why does it matter?" and "What does it mean to be a boy or a girl?" A smart little picture book which is both gently challenging and powerfully affirming. A hit with our review team. 'I liked this book- clearly written and illustrated' (Deb, author LGBT Diversity [and Gender Diversity] in Early Years Education/Routledge and former Education Lecturer, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'A lovely non-binary book which effortlessly bats away questions about gender, announcing it as irrelevant. The protagonist's confidence is a joy to witness' / 'Finally. A book that manages to explore trans identities without slipping into gender stereotypes. I loved it and it's funny too!' (Letterbox Library staff). The author and illustrator are artists, co-founders of Trans Pride Brighton and first met each other when they both starred in the Channel 4 documentary series, My Transsexual Summer. (N.B.: in other areas of inclusion, Tiny's classmate, Alfie, is a wheelchair user and has an excellent great white shark outfit...!) Age 3-7, Hardback 25pp



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