Azzi In Between

by Sarah Garland

Ref: 14053

WINNER Little Rebels Award 2013

A smashing, Amnesty-endorsed, story of a family's escape from war and their journey and subsequent adjustment to a strange new country (which might easily be the UK). Realistic and positive and so very needed in this current climate in which children are hearing so many stories of real life refugees filtered through the media. Told in a super child-friendly, comic-style, format. Based on the author's experiences among refugee families. Little Rebels Judge, Elizabeth Laird, said: 'A simple and powerful story, one with which we should all be tragically familiar, with a text and pictures that are rich, appealing and satisfyingly detailed.' Little Rebels Judge, Wendy Cooling, said: 'The text and illustrations work together brilliantly as they invite children to enjoy the story, and to think about the lives of other children.' Age 7-11, Paperback 36pp



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