Babies Don't Walk They Ride!

by Kathy Henderson
illustrated by Lauren Tobia

Ref: 13789

A rhyming celebration of toddler transportation! This book opens and ends with the title refrain and follows a visual trajectory from day to night. In between, we see a busy, urban community of adults accompanying their toddlers as they glide, stroll and roll, assisted by a glorious array of toddler transport: buggies, supermarket trolleys, back slings and chariots! The illustrations are bright, contemporary and full of details to point at. Great for introducing some first movement words while also extending some words playfully to relish the sounds "huggled and cuddled and carried along".

The illustrations are effortlessly diverse. This is a cohesive multicultural and multifaith neighbourhood. The illustrations also include images of active disabled people and challenges to gender stereotypes.

'Joyous celebration of one day in the lives of a community of families. Superbly positive. This should appear on every bookshelf!' (Kate, Children's Centre Coordinator, LL reviewer). 'Great illustrations showing life's diversity. A big yes' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, LL reviewer). Age 2-5, Paperback 21pp



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