Baby's First Words

by Stella Blackstone & Sunny Scribens
illustrated by Christiane Engel

Ref: 15059

From getting up with the first "tweet" to going to bed with a night time "hoot!", follow a toddler on their busy day and learn lots of useful first words along the way. Introductory vocabulary (incl. nouns, prepositions, adjectives) about transport, feelings, animals and household objects. Bold, bright pictures; our favourites include the sunglasses-wearing cuddly mammoth and the crocodile-mouthed wellies. Lovely boardbook with tabs- which also happes to reflect a (interracial) two-dad family. 'Lovely, busy illustrations and words to explore. Every page is of interest and I like the woolly mammoth!' (Meryl, EY Consultant/Trainer, Letterbox reviewer). 'What's not to like? A brilliant book for introducing children and their parents to the delightful diversity of family life and a lot of useful words. And does it effortlessly and with grace, wit, style and charm' (Mark, Equalities Trainer, Letterbox reviewer). Age 1-3, Boardbook 20pp