Bea by the Sea

by Jo Byatt

Ref: 16645

Bea is utterly obsessed with lions. She loves everything lion-y. She doesn't like the beach or sand or anything sand-y. But, when her Mum takes her to the seaside, a Sand Lion appears and is soon introducing her to the joys of barefoot footprints, sandcastles, sea roars and sand angels! A lovely day out at the beach with a soothing message about allaying familiar childhood fears. Full marks too on the hair styling, including Bea's multicoloured hair bobbles. The inside start and end pages are chocka with facts about lions and sand facts! 'Love the main character- fun role model. A little child with a cute hairstyle too. Promotes positive story of Black children. Bea shows fear, then bravery and courage' (Ann Marie, EY Safeguarding Consultant, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Such a sweet book and a great message about overcoming fears' (Deborah, Lecturer in EY Education, Letterbox Library reviewer). Stars a Black family. Age 4-7, Paperback 34pp



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