Black Stories Matter: Amazing Artists

by J P Miller
illustrated by Chellie Carroll

Ref: 16923

A very recently published collection of biographies and mini-biographies of mostly contemporary icons, with a great gender balance and a good third of Black UK content. So, in amongst accounts of Toni Morrison, Lupita Nyong'o and Sidney Poitier, enjoy the extended bios of Steve McQueen, Malorie Blackman and Chris Ofili, the first black UK artist to win the Turner prize and famous for his elephant dung paintings. And then go on to enjoy, amongst others, the mini-bios of Idris Elba and Stormzy. Clearly laid out pages include fact boxes, quotes from the icons themselves and graphic art style portraits. Bulging with information, it works hard for its price tag! Age 8-12, Paperback 43pp