Black and British

by Professor David Olusoga

Ref: 16150

"When I was at school there was no Black history. So what I presumed was that there must not have been any Black people in British history". The brilliant, award-winning, historian and broadcaster translates his seminal work, Black and British: a Forgotten History (2016), for a young audience. This may not be the first time you have heard the recommendation, "Every classroom should have one" but this is one of a only a tiny handful of times WE have said it. Black British History is slowly, finally, after so many years, occupying some space in accounts of our nation's history. It is long overdue and absolutely critical to our young people's intellectual growth and to their wellbeing. This book fills a gap in not only our young people's education, their academic knowledge- it also fills a psychic gap, by showing them where they have actually come from, who they actually are, the very core of their identities.
'A much needed book...(with) a very personal introduction by the author explaining his experience at school and why he has written the book. Key points are highlighted in bold...Pictures of artefacts, historical documents, pictures and maps help bring the words to life. Useful glossary. A must for every school library for this age range' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, LL reviewer). Age 10+, Paperback 216pp