Bring Me Some Apples and I'll Make You a Pie

by Robbin Gourley

Ref: 2804

Have you heard of a chef called Edna Lewis? We thought not! We love to introduce children -and you!- to new history makers. This bright, cheery and light picture books, inspired by the life of Edna Lewis (b.1916, Freetown, Virginia), provides perfect entry points for children with its mouth-watering descriptions of where our food comes from and what it might become! Watch a family harvest and gather all of their food locally, through the passing seasons and then see what plates of food end up on the table: wild greens, dark-amber nectar, sun-ripened peaches, sassy tomatoes, ping-ping-ping peaches are all transformed in to crisp salads, honey on hot biscuits, peach ice cream, tangy tomato sandwiches and nut-butter cookies. Drooooling backnotes include recipes for pecan drops, apple crisps and more. Inspired by a rare (and award-winning) black female chef who had a passion for locally sourced food and a loyalty to traditional, fine, comforting, Southern-style cooking. Age 5-8, American Import Paperback 39pp