Cane Warriors

by Alex Wheatle

Ref: 16083

Inspired by Tacky's Rebellion in Jamaica in 1760, the most significant slave uprising in British-owned plantations. This is essential UK Black History. The compelling first person narrative belongs to 14-year-old Moa; the dialogue engages with the cadences of Patois. A gripping and sensitive telling which accords real dignity, defiance and strength to the enslaved and expertly presents the brutality at the heart of the British Empire with just enough information for the reader to take that knowledge and fill in the gaps as far and as much as they wish. A true story of freedom fighters by an award-winning author (includes an autobiographical backnote in which the author reveals his mother lived close to where Tacky's uprising took place.) Endorsed by Amnesty International. Age 13+, Hardback 183pp