Dad's Favourite Cookie

by Gu-mi Jeong, retold by Jo Cowley
illustrated by Soon-kyo Joo

Ref: 15433

Set in Japan. Yuka's Dad works every day of the week making the tastiest of ramen. Yuka is very proud of him, but she also misses him so very much. Spend a day with Yuka as she and her mum try to distract themselves with a rice ball picnic in Cherry Tree Park, a visit to the local market, a brief stopover at a shrine and then...finally...the journey back home to a waiting Dad! Fantastic flourishes and details of Japanese life are conveyed through bold, lithograph-style artwork and little notes which pop up here and there with snippets about Shiba Inu- Japan's national dog- wagashi sweets and a dumpling called Yomogi dango! A further, packed, six pages of back notes show a map of Japan (with stats.) and give information about Japanese hot springs, shrines and beautifully decorated lunchboxes. From a publisher who specialises in editing English editions of a selection of Korea's best children's picture books. 'Love this book. I liked the detail about Japan and also the poignant underlying theme of the girl missing her dad' (Deborah, Lecturer in EY Education, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'A universal, familiar story of a child missing a very busy parent' (Fen, Letterbox Library staff). Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp