by Lorna Gutierrez
by Polly Noakes

Ref: 16087

"Dare to see when others don't...Dare to speak when others won't". Minimal rhyming text and bright splashes of colour encourage children to dare to try new things, to take a chance- and, also, to speak out, express themselves and their identities. A wonderfully toddler-friendly and toddler-empowering text which cements the rights to have opinions and to express those freely. The double page spread of adults and children bearing placards is a delight! (Includes a child who wears a hearing aid). 'What a great title- which follows through with such positive messages and very appealing illustrations' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager, LL reviewer ). 'Overall a very positive message that can help children to dare to do more...and know that they are allowed to speak up/voice their own opinions' (Nicole, teen Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-7, Paperback 28pp