Dave and the Tooth Fairy

by Verna Wilkins
illustrated by Carl Pearce

Ref: 16373

The return of Verna Wilkins' and the Tamarind 1993 classic, now with illustrations from picture-illumination-genius, Carl Pearce. David Alexander Curtis has a wibbly wobbly tooth. Over breakfast, he sneezes it right out. The missing tooth is nowhere to be found. No tooth means no Tooth Fairy means no money means no new kite. These are desperate times. Will Dave find his tooth before night falls? The very welcome return of a very fine picture book- reintroduce yourselves to Afiya, the highly contemporary tech-expert Tooth Fairy, Grandad and his lively set of teeth, best friend Ziz and...David Alexander Curtis. (nb: Ziz is a wheelchair user). Age 4-7, Paperback 29pp