Diver’s Daughter: A Tudor Story & Now or Never: A Dunkirk Story

by Bali Rai and Patrice Lawrence

Ref: 15734

A fantastic new historical series which has commissioned much-adored and prestigious UK authors of colour to bring to life fascinating figures from UK history. Now or Never takes as its cue the Royal India Army Service Corps at Dunkirk. Diver’s Daughter is inspired by the story of Jacques Francis, a black salvage diver, hired to help retrieve goods from the Mary Rose in 1546. Both thread their fictional biographies through with substantial historical sources, delivering pacy historical fiction to a wide range of readers. Excellent Author Notes at back too. "It is fabulous and essential to have this history brought to young people" (Fen, Letterbox Library staff and reviewer- Now or Never). "A really interesting story well told. Once started, it was hard to put down. An engrossing look at a section of Tudor life" (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer- Diver’s Daughter). Age 9-14, Paperback 202 & 171 pp

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