Early Years and Primary 'The Great Outdoors' Book Pack (Ages 3-7)

Selected by Letterbox Library

Ref: 13108

The Great Outdoors Book Pack has been specially collated by Letterbox Library for Early Years and Primary staff to support you in:

- promoting the outdoor environment to children as an exciting and stimulating world of play, freedom and learning
- encouraging children's physical activity and movement
- nurturing children's capacity for imaginative play
- extending children's understanding of the world
- upholding The Great Outdoors as contributing to children's health, development and wellbeing.

A range of photographic and picture story books which celebrate our natural world, natural materials, the elements, creative play, back gardens, sowing & growing, jumping waves at the beach, sticks, fish-friendly fishing and...chaos theory!

12 books
(plus 2 Creative Star Learning Company posters: Everyone Loves a Stick and Free Play for Free)

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**Suitable substitutions will be made if any title becomes unavailable**