Eight Pieces of Silva

by Patrice Lawrence

Ref: 16015

Becks' mum and step dad have gone off honeymooning in Japan leaving 16-year-old Becks playing solo- but, supposedly, under the watchful eye of sister, Silva. Only Silva has upped and gone. Vanished. She's left a trail of clues behind her. Or, rather, a jumble of Stuff- a wig, counters, newspaper cuttings...- stashed under her bed. Can Becks stitch the pieces together? While also keeping her China-crush in check? Which will trip her up first? And can a love of K-Pop and Black Panther provide any keys?

Lawrence's canon of YA thriller fiction is pretty extraordinary- with each one topping the one before. With each, the plots become more intricate, layered and pacey; with each, the characters seem to breathe even deeper, walking just that bit closer alongside you. It is very hard to shake off these pulsing characters once the last page has been turned. A real gift of a thriller for young adult readers: relatable; authentic teen voices; lashings of popular culture references; doesn't so much hook the reader in as swallow them up whole. As we summarised when reviewing this book for Books for Keeps: "A compelling, moreish thriller- (and if you know a better-drawn queer black girl protagonist in UK YA, send her my way)" (B4K No 243, July 2020). Age 14+ Paperback 309pp

See also Orangeboy, Indigo Donut and Rose Interrupted by this author.