Empire's End: A Roman Story

by Leila Rasheed

Ref: 15978

Part of a fantastic new historical series which has commissioned much-adored and prestigious UK authors of colour to bring to life fascinating figures and events from UK history. Inspired by her early childhood in Libya, Rasheed executes a layered and engrossing story from ancient history, tracing a young Libyan/Roman girl's journey from Leptis Magna/North Africa to Rome and then to Britannia during the dying days of the Empire. The narrative delves into the complex histories of enslavement and expertly examines the wielding of power, including as this was played out across gender politics. Real historical figures appear as key characters, including the Libyan-born emperor, Septimius Severus (who ended his days in York) and the powerful Syrian, Julia Domna. Firmly stamps the multicultural, cross-national characters of the Roman empire. "Really enjoyed reading this. It has an engaging central character as she experiences Roman life with its many different cultural influences- at times, sad and brutal but lovely descriptive passages too" (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer- Diver's Daughter). Age 9-14, Paperback 187pp