Everybody Has a Body

by Jon Burgerman

Ref: 16906

"...some are hairy, some are smooth; some are clumsy, while others groove; some are old, some are new; bodies come in every hue; it makes us different and makes you YOU". A simple, but very effective celebration of everyone's physical uniqueness, as demonstrated by all kinds of wibbly, wobbly and blobby characters. Our favourite characters are an elephant-lifting wheelchair user with retro 1980's aerobic accessories, a cheekily grinning eye patch wearer and a weightlifter sporting a heart-themed singlet. 'Bright pictures, simple rhyming couplets, diversity of blobs, simple, sweet message' (Patrice, children's/YA author, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Great to read aloud...I especially liked the casual wheelchair images' (June, Parent, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 3-6, Paperback 26pp