Farmer Falgu Goes on a Trip

by Chitra Soundar
illustrated by Kanika Nair

Ref: 13931

The clucking, the mooing and quacking of Farmer Falgu's farm is driving him to he sets off in his bullock-drawn cart to find a little silence. Only, he hasn't accounted for the many people who'd like a lift who all bring their own particular noises with them: the phee-phee, pungi-playing snake charmer; the tap-tap-tapping dancers... A wonderfully simple story with delightful sound effects printed in coloured, slanted and curving fonts, a cumulative text and dashing illustrations. 'A tried and tested and very popular format with children; the writing and repetitions will be very popular with schools' (Jayne, Primary Inclusion Manager, Letterbox reviewer). See also the review for Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market. (nb: South-Indian born British writer; Chitra is available for school workshops in the UK- see Age 4-7, Indian Import Paperback 26pp