by Alex Gino

Ref: 14793

Winner of the LAMDA Literary Award 2016
At long last, a novel starring a transgender character which is pitched below the teen age range. And, one which is actually written by a transgender author themselves. With a wonderful directness and simplicity, the reader is introduced to the endearing character of George- people assume George is a boy; many assume she is a gay boy...but George is clear she's a girl. And, when her teacher says they are going to put on a performance of Charlotte's Web, George is desperate to get the lead part. Will George be allowed to become the girl she is? Some fantastic points are made about the difficulties of being true to your gender identity within a cultural context- here, school- which is obsessed with segregating activities by gender and which constructs children who adhere almost comically to extreme gender roles. Ultimately, an extremely positive and joyful assertion of a transgender identity, with a realistic open ending to the narrative. George's coming out to her brother, Scott, over chips at Arnie's All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is a real delight. 'Really liked this book!' (Deborah, author of LGBT Diversity & Inclusion in Early Years Education, LL reviewer). 'Full of wonder, hope and the importance of getting to be who you are meant to be' (author David Levithan). Age 9-12, Paperback 214pp