Getting Ready

illustrated by Cocoretto

Ref: 14953

A wonderfully fluffy teddy bear, corduroy trousers, cotton ribbed socks...The book's price is, in our view, wholly justified because of the 'real', well thought out, meaningful, brilliantly crafted and executed textures for little hands, including raised dots to lead the reader through, a bed cover to pull back and an actual zip to pull! A multi-sensory reading experience with a fresh, chatty text which describes getting ready for the day, from getting up to dressing to breakfasting to the very important business of choosing which patterned socks to wear. Turns the pedestrian into an exciting journey, imagining all sorts of adventures beyond the door you get to open on the last page (which gives a glimpse of the great outdoors)! Developed in consultation with children, families and organisations working with blind and partially-sighted children, this highly developed tactile book delivers an engrossing, interactive reading experience for all babies and toddlers. 'Lovely, sturdy book taking you through a morning's routine. It would appeal to all children' (Maggie, Former Early Years Adviser, LL reviewer). , Age Birth-5, Boardbook 10pp