Global Babies Girls

by The Global Fund for Children

Ref: 14923

"Wherever they are born, girls are beautiful, strong, bold and bright. Baby girls can grow up to change the world!" Published in acknowledgement of the sad reality that in many countries, girls/women still aren't accorded equal status, this is a gorgeously upbeat, huggable, book showing baby girls grinning and laughing around the world, from Benin to the USA to Liberia to India to Mali to France...15 countries in all! 'Superb, affirming photography. Very positive message. Definitely worth supporting the Global Fund for Children' (Kate, Children's Centre Coordinator, LL reviewer). 'Sturdy, great photos, optimistic' (Maggie, Former EY Adviser, LL reviewer). The publisher is donating some of the book sales to community-based organisations that provide opportunities for girls ( Age Birth-3, Boardbook 16pp