Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush

by Patrice Lawrence
illustrated by Camilla Sucre

Ref: 16935

Ava is struggling to think of what to wear to her school costume day. But a visit to Granny means a dive into Granny's special dress up trunk which is brimming with inspiration! Sparkling beads conjure up musician Winifred Atwell; a red scarf suggests Mary Seacole; a wrinkly jacket would work for Rosa Parks. But Ava is much more mesmerised by Granny's cardboard grip case, something she held close to her on her journey over from Trinidad on the Empire Windrush...

Indie Book Awards 2022 Shortlist. In many ways, our favourite kind of picture books, where the brevity of the format is nonetheless worked up to communicate large ideas, making them very immediate. In doing so, the creators set store by and make possible young children's skills at processing and pondering those weighty ideas. Gorgeous illustrations; watch out for the beautiful but stark double spread of Granny as a young woman, sat down alone at Piccadilly Circus; overhead hovers the simple caption: "I just wanted to go home". A lightning bolt of legacy and pride. Age 4-8, Paperback 35pp