Harriet Gets Carried Away

by Jessie Sima

Ref: 15556

Well now, it is true that Harriet gets carried away. Just from time to time. For example, she thinks her dino costume is everyday wear- but, then again, why not? But then, one day, in preparation for her very own dress-up birthday party, she goes with her dads to a big store dressed in her "extra-special errand-running costume": a penguin outfit complete with a smart red bow tie. And that is when she perhaps gets very carried away as she waddles off into a wild adventure starring penguins, hot air balloons, icebergs and is eventually rescued by an orca and a flock of pigeons. Luckily her dads are still shopping for party food when she lands back down safely in the supermarket... Fabulous retro, purple and orange-toned, illustrations, a contemporary urban setting and a thoroughly casual representation of a (mixed race) family headed by two dads. The final rooftop scene of Harriet's party in which the children and adults help themselves to costumes out of the dress up box is a flamboyant double page splash celebrating individuality. A comic narrative, full of charisma. 'Lots of fun. Imaginative story and lovely illustrations. Very inclusive without being self-conscious' (Kerry, LL staff and reviewer). Age 4-7 Hardback 38pp