Harry Miller's Run

by David Almond
illustrated by Salvatroe Rubbino

Ref: 2733

"That's reet, lad! Run! There's a wolf at your tail! Run for your life!" One of our great storytellers gives the Great North Run Olympian status through an exciting, pacey, narrative which connects the anticipation of present day, 11-year-old, Liam, entering the Junior run to a spontaneous distance run undertaken by elderly Tyneside resident, Harry Miller, all the way from Newcastle to South Shields when he was a young lad. Beloved by the local community, it's time for Harry to move out of his home and in to a local nursing home. As Liam and his Mam help him clear out, Harry regales them with the incredible story of his own 13 mile run from Newcastle to South Shields, carried out on a whim, accompanied by his four friends, all wearing sturdy leather boots- on a sweltering hot summer's day back in 1938! Wonderful storytelling, lilting local dialect in the animated dialogue and accompanied by lovely smudgy watercolours (colour for the past narrative, black and white for the present). 'Absolutely loved this. Beautifully told. Local history, local knowledge, local voices' (Patrice, YA & Children's Author, LL reviewer). Age 7-10, Paperback 60pp