Heather Has Two Mummies

by Lesla Newman
illustrated by Laura Cornell

Ref: 13451

A new edition of a classic. Brought bang up to date by Walker Books through a new illustrator, the publisher has also created an Anglicised edition (no more 'mommies'!) This new edition has beautifully vibrant, yet softly fuzzy illustrations which make each spread somehow...huggable! So, time to meet Heather again and her two special mummies, Mama Jane and Mama Kate and Gingernut the cat and Midnight the dog. Follow Heather as she goes about the tricky business of starting school and the less tricky business of nap time, circle time and everyone-draw-a-picture-of-their-family time. Everything about this book is simply delightful. Includes a 'secondary' representation of gay dads and there are also some subtle, lovely little gender touches along the way too (Heather's firefighter costume, Mama Jane's carpentry, the gender-neutral play at school etc.) 'Fantastic! Definite must-have! Positive portrayal, inclusive, bright and affirming' (Children's Centre Coordinator, LL reviewer). Age 4-7, Paperback 28pp