I Am Nefertiti

by Annemarie Anang
illustrated by Natelle Quek

Ref: 17162

Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2023

Nefertiti is joining a new band, drumsticks in hand. Spotting her nervousness, Dad waves her off with his usual affirming refrain, "You are Nefertiti!", which always makes her feel a good 10 feet tall. So, when the music teacher struggles to pronounce her name and then shortens it to 'Nef' for her own convenience, Nefertiti begins to ...shrink...becoming smaller with every 'Nef'! Finally, when she is bug-sized, she reaches up to whisper into Priya's ear. Can her classmates explain to the music teacher where the cure to Nefertiti's shrinking condition lies? A clever story abut micro aggressions told through a very simple and effective metaphor. Age 4-7, Paperback 28pp



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