Ice in the Jungle

by Ariane Hofman-Maniyar

Ref: 13836

When Ice's mum tells her they will have to move because she has an exciting new job in an exciting new country, Ice isn't so sure.... The journey is long, the new country is far too hot, the new school is full of creatures who don't look like her and don't understand her- and they prefer bananas to fish! Too weird! Could a 'North Pole Party' be just the welcome that Ice needs?

A very clever, deceptively simple, picture book which introduces themes of transition and migration while ever so gently subverting a few assumptions about new arrivals!

'Really nice way to explore how we feel in different/new situations for children' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, LL reviewer). 'Can use this book to explore lots of different situations for children, including migration and refugees' (Kerry, LL staff). Age 3-6 Paperback 27pp