If I Was Your Girl

by Meredith Russo

Ref: 14536

"For the first time ever I was living my life, the life I was supposed to live- I was finally the truest version of myself. I just happened to be keeping an enormous secret at the same time". Like lots of her contemporaries, Amanda Hardy is starting High School. But Amanda is also starting over as a girl. One of the finest YA novels we've seen with a transgender protagonist. By a transgender author, this has a real ring of authenticity and is full of heart and soul. A delightful protagonist, brilliantly drawn characters (including the wonderful Bee who identifies as bi) and a perfectly paced plot rich with the familiar the trials and triumphs of young adults' lives. 'Read this books in a few sittings. Very pacey, good story; loved it!' (Deb, Lecturer in EY Education, LL reviewer) Age 13+ (n.b.: a character survives an attempted sexual assault, described in age-appropriate terms). Paperback 287pp.