Ira Aldridge The Shakespearean Actor (I Was There)

by Judy Hepburn
illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Ref: 16937

American-born, Ira Aldridge was the first Black actor to star in some of Shakespeare's leading roles. He earned his UK reputation performing extensively in Britain and Ireland in the early 19th Century, most famously as Othello at the Theatre Royal, London (where there is a bust of him in the foyer). Part of a younger historical fiction series told through a lively first person narrative and with comic illustrations. Comes with a glossary and a Historical Note. 'I found this book informative on many levels. Politically, historically, geographically, emotionally. It has a simple, clear language that children will understand though tackling some difficult issues' (Meryl, EY Consultant & Trainer, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'I thought it addressed difficult issues well and opened room for conversations about different types of exploitation' (Patrice, children's/YA author, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 7-10, Paperback 125pp