Isaac and his Amazing Asperger Superpowers!

by Melanie Walsh

Ref: 15619

Isaac is a superhero. He has the outfit, complete with booties and cape. And, he has superhero powers including a brain stuffed with encyclopaedic facts, an overdose of energy (which requires bouncing and fidgeting) and ears which hear a little too well. Isaac knows that not everyone always understands his superpowers so here he is to explain Asperger's which, as he helpfully elaborates, rhymes with hamburgers. Depicting disabled people as having superpowers is not without controversy. However, authentic quality titles portraying people with Asperger's are rare and this is such a positive portrayal, so... 'Really like how this focuses on the positives rather than just the negatives' (Beth, Inclusive Minds Founder & Parent, LL reviewer). 'Some nice illustrations of autistic spectrum behaviours e.g.: spotting small details, taking words literally' (Maggie, EY Advisory Teacher, LL reviewer). 'This books is informative, humorous, and gives just enough insight to allow an understanding to grow' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, LL reviewer). Endorsed by the National Autistic Society's Centre for Autism. Age 4-7 Paperback 24pp



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