Jessica's Ghost

by Andrew Norriss

Ref: 14152

How wonderful to have an in-depth, pre-teen read which takes on, eloquently and honestly, young people's own struggles with depression and suicide. Fantastic storytelling weaves together the experiences of four young teens who have all been excluded in different ways and made to feel 'different': Francis, a fashion-loving boy; Andi, a girl who refuses conventional ideas about 'femininity'; Robert, an obese computer geek and, of course, Jessica, the ghost of a suicide victim determined to bring joy back into the lives of her new friends. Fantastic characterisations, warm hearted and ultimately hopeful. A wonderful tribute to friendship. 'Jessica's Ghost is both a hymn to the joys of "being different" and an earnest exploration of the serious traumas suffered by teenagers who are lucky enough, and unlucky enough, to be unconventional' (Josh Lacey, The Guardian, May 2015). Age 9-12, Paperback 247pp

Themes: Mental Health, Bullying, Gender Equality