Juliane's Story

created by Andy Glynne & Karl Hammond

Ref: 14706

Based on the award-winning BAFTA animations produced for BBC Learning. Stills from the animations combined with the original personal testimonies of young refugees combine to create powerful and dramatic illustrated biographies for 'older' readers. This one tells the story of Juliane, a 12-year-old who is separated from her mum at a young age due to the civil conflict in Zambia. The book tracks her journey from a local under-resourced children's home to a reunion with her mother to their application for political asylum in a place of safety. Juliane speaks directly to the reader through the barest, most straightforward of texts- but the issues her narrative raises are of course vast and complex. A great springboard for class discussions on refugees and asylum seekers. 'Beautiful artwork and a story that can give young children some context for asylum seeking' (Josephine, aged 15, LL reviewer). 'It will definitely reveal to children what refugees go through before they find shelter in a new country. The artwork is brilliant, bright and charming' (Nike, Social Worker, LL reviewer). Age 8-12, Paperback 29pp