King Leonard's Teddy

by Phoebe Swan

Ref: 16048

Shortlisted Little Rebels Award 2020

King Leonard is rich. Very rich. He has everything he wants. And, then also, a little bit more. And when those things stop working or get a little grubby, he simply replaces them. Single-Use-Leonard is his name. But tragedy strikes one night when the stuffing bursts out of his most beloved Teddy. Because as any child with a favourites toy knows, a thing like Teddy is completely and utterly irreplaceable. Can King Leonard make do and mend after all? On being shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award 2020, Phoebe Swan described her books as a challenge to our culture's fondeness for "over consumption and waste" while Catherine Barter on the Little Rebels Award website calls the shortlistee title, "A warm and witty picture book with a strong message about community and sustainability." Age 4-7, Paperback 36pp