Kunkush: The True Story of a Refugee Cat

by Marne Ventura
illustrated by Beidi Guo

Ref: 15761

The true story of an Iraqi family who flee Iraq to Greece with their three-year-old Turkish Van cat, Kunkush. On their arrival in Lesvos, Kunkush is lost and joins the feral street cats, but is then taken in by two young women who go on to launch a social media campaign designed to reunite him with his family. A very original approach to discussing the devastating impact of war through a real life account, complete with additional resources (and weblinks), a glossary and discussion points. 'It tells a difficult, complex story and shows that good can be stronger than anything else. Children will love it' (Eileen, Former Primary Teacher, LL reviewer). 'Heart-warming and distinctive perspective on the refugee experience' (Farrah, CLPE Learning Programme Leader, LL reviewer). An illustrated picture book for older readers. Age 7-12, Paperback 29pp



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