Let's Go to the Seaside!

by Caryl Hart
illustrated by Lauren Tobia

Ref: 2867

Bee and Billy get kitted out in their stripy onesies and sun protection for a day on the beach. Watch them jump over foamy sploshy waves, enjoy a crunchy picnic and make shell-decorated sandcastles- leaving plenty of time for an ice cream too, of course. Chatty, toddler-friendly dialogue, evocative playful language and almost-tactile illustrations which make you want to dip your toes. One in a great new first experiences series from Walker Books. 'A day out together with lots of fun playing together, sharing and caring' (Rosalind, Workforce Dev. Officer, Letterbox Library reviewer). 'Lots of fun at the seaside- can feel the movement of the sea in the illustrations' (Maggie, EY Advisory teacher, Letterbox Library reviewer). Age 1-3, Paperback/Card Pages 26pp